Frequently asked questions

What is Chiropractic?

" the body is DESIGNED to heal"

Chiropractic care is a patient-centered, non-invasive, hands-on, regulated health care pofession focused on your spine, muscles, joints, and nervous system.

It is about improving brain to body commmunication by decreasing stress on your nervous system so that your body is free to do what it's meant to do. With each adjustment, we tap into something the body called "innate intelligence" - think of it as your body's natural healing potential. We want to (gently) raise the volume of your innate intelligence, so that your body learns it is free to do it's magic and heal itself.

Chiropractic's purpose is to find and correct a subluxation within the body. Subluxations are misalignments that can cause years of pain, exhaustion, and discontentment. When subluxations are corrected, it helps restore neurological pathways between the brain and the body. Our practice is focused on adjusting you to relieve your pain and get you on your way to your health goals. Pain caused through subluxation can be caused by three main stressors: physical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress.

Physical Stress

This is often the most obvious form of stress. It might present itself in the form of headaches, back or neck pain, or other aches and pains. You might notice an increase in your heart rate. Other common signs include getting sick more often than usual, or noticing tension throughout your entire body. (examples: car accidents, sport/physical injuries, work injuries, posture, and even birthing process)

Chemical Stress

Also could be known as nutritional stress. It's a type of stress that many people overlook. This refers to internal and external to toxins of the body. Smoking, drinking, inhaled pollution, unhealthy (preservative or additive) foods, and drug use are all examples of chemical stressors. 

Emotional Stress

When the body is experiencing stress emotionally, it tends to prepare its “fight or flight” response, which can manifest in sneaky ways. Signs of emotional stress can include an increase in agitation or moodiness. Pretty much "LIFE". This happens to all of us. Life in general can be stressful. 
We can utilize chiropractic care to improve your body's response to stress and moving forward to long term improved health!

What is INNATE intelligence?

“The belief that the body has a life force which is responsible for organizing, healing, and maintaining normal conditions throughout all of the body’s systems”
The nervous system is considered the main network for communication that contains the traveling of Innate Intelligence throughout the body. When there is an interruption of the Innate Intelligence this may lead to development of injury or illness.

Why did we spell illumINNATE the way we did?

Chiropractic care helps improve the communication levels of the nervous system with proper spinal alignment through manipulating different parts of the spine. Chiropractic care assists in removing nerve interference so that your body can express its innate intelligence fully in order to function, heal, limit pain, energize, metabolize, and simple to be the best it can be.