The Majority of cases we treat have two components: 
IMPROPER function

Adjustments as well as therapies such as EMS and pressure wave work to restore popper function. Long term chronic conditions often require repeated adjustments with therapy to break down the spinal fixation and soft tissues adhesion. Continued adjustments with foundation exercises builds strength and stability with the improved function.


Nerves, muscles, discs, joints, and other tissues get inflamed as a result of poor function or trauma. ICE, EMS, REST, PRESSURE WAVE, OTC anti-inflammatories help reduce inflammation. 
We are here to help you along with your process of healing and achieving your health goals
Pain relief

Pain relief with correction and stability

Regular adjustments for wellness and optimal health

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS is stimulation of the muscles using electric impulses

Benefits: may improve joint pain and swelling, increases range of motion for tense muscles or tendons, reduces stress and discomfort, improves blood flow and circulation
Decompression Table

Decompression Table

Therapy acts as a traction to stretch out the spine or the neck and back

Benefits: helps alleviate pressure off the nerves (bulging and herniated discs). Hydrates the disc spaces, bringing nutrients to the area

Miracle Wave/Pressure Wave

Miracle Wave/Pressure Wave 

Popular new technology that produces high energy kinetic waves that introduced to the pain area. It is the same technology used to blast kidney stones and treat dying heart tissue (similar benefits of stem cell injections)

Benefits: accelerates healing, acts to break down chronic muscle spasms leading to improved outcomes from your chiropractic adjustment/treatment plan. Promotes regeneration and the reparative process for bones, tendons, and other soft tissue


Percussive therapy device 

Benefits: Reduce pain, increase blood flow, break up scar tissue, release muscle spasms, increase lymphatic flow, improve range of motion
Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments

Controlled high speed specific thrust used to restore motion to a spinal joint and take pressure/resistance off of nerves that exit the spine in that region

Benefits: Restores spinal mobility allowing increase motion and less stress on the nervous system